We host lots of sites. Here's a list of most of them and what kind of content you'll find on each one.

www.perl.org General Perl Information, News. A Portal
www.nntp.perl.org Access to our mailing lists via the web
nntp.perl.org Access to our mailing lists via NNTP
dev.perl.org anything related to perl5 or perl6 development. (i.e. "technical things")
learn.perl.org where to start learning perl. (currently being redecorated)
ftp.cpan.org The CPAN ftp multiplexer. (Automatically finds a CPAN mirror near you)
pm.org Perl Mongers (User Groups)
jobs.perl.org Where to find a perl job
rt.perl.org Perl/Parrot Bugtracking

the camel